Matthew Walkerdine will present a continual archive of graphic investigation into the unsung corners of pop music culture and fandom. Through the production of zines, posters and memorabilia (in the canon of merchandising matter) Matthew asks - how do you know this t-shirt is a real t-shirt or someone’s idea of what the t-shirt should be and whose great idea was it anyway, if we even need to know. His relentless production antagonises the ways in which images travel, disregarding the protective territory of what we or indeed ‘they’ permit into the realm of representation. Ripping off the rip offs and bootlegging the unbootleggable, his work stomps all over any hierarchy of form or reason between the figures of the obscure or esoteric and the images of the mainstream. Often travelling the depths of fan-forums, recent publications and editions interpret and reify the marginal annals of musical legacies, celebrating the ways in which events, people, and cultures are mythologised. Using plagiarism as both method and matter, a re-assembled telling of the smaller stories of pop music culture is plastered across a bedroom gallery wall creating uncertain, materialised histories.

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